Awardee Alan White, with Professor Penny Schofield (L) and Natalie Richards (R)

Volunteer Awards 2019 – A win for NAVIGATE

Victorian Public Health Volunteer Awards

An exciting event happened last Friday afternoon at the MCG. I was sitting in the Members’ Dining Room with 250 other volunteers and their families. It was wet and windy outside as the Victorian Minister for Health, Jenny Mikakos, presented the 2019 Local Health Volunteer Awards.

Outstanding Achievement by a Volunteer: Improving Public Healthcare

The NAVIGATE team, Professor Penny Schofield (Principal Investigator) and Natalie Richards (Project Manager), were there to see me receive the Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Volunteer: Improving Public Healthcare. Oh, and my wife was there too. I’m not sure who was the most excited!

NAVIGATE team at MCG for Victorian Local Health Volunteer Awards 2019
(L to R) Professor Penny Schofield, Alan White, and Natalie Richards.

Overall, six categories of volunteer achievement were recognised. I felt privileged to have been nominated in the first place, let alone to go on and receive the final Award for my category. It was great to see the number of entries and the outstanding quality of the volunteers who were nominated from across Victoria.

Why did I win?

My Award recognised the last seven years that I have spent working with the NAVIGATE. I have been with the team from its very inception to its current status – clinical trial phase. NAVIGATE is now actively recruiting participants to become involved with the trial, which I believe will lead to a game-changing tool for men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer.

Special thanks to Natalie Richards for her PR video (above) – you can certainly see the excitement and enthusiasm of our team! And congratulations to all the other volunteers who were nominated for this year’s Awards. Public health in Victoria is all the better for their involvement.

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  1. Doug Parkinson

    On ya Whitey
    You most certainly deserve recognition for your passion alone
    The Parkinson’s are proud of ya

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