There is so much information out there on the internet that it can be overwhelming.  That’s why we have put together this list of resources to help you find high-quality information as quickly and easily as possible.

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Prostate Health & General Info

Australian Prostate Centre (APC) is a dedicated men’s health centre and deals with all prostate-related issues.

Healthy Male is an excellent organisation dealing with all men’s reproductive health, including the prostate.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia (PCFA) is the main organisation for info about prostate cancer and support groups.

Incontinence Help

Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) is the go-to site for anyone with bladder or bowel control problems.  They offer so much support and have an excellent free magazine, Bridge.

Modibodi offers a range of reusable pee-proof undies in trunk or brief styles.

Pjama Down Under produces a range of bed-wetting shorts to make life easier for anyone who suffers from bed-wetting.  They take the stress out of sleepovers, camps, family trips or any night away from home.

Support for Men

Australian Men’s Shed Association is one of Australia’s largest male-based community development organisations.  You can use their website to find a Men’s Shed near you, or get info on how you can set one up in your area.

Heads Up Guys is an excellent Canadian website that aims to help men improve their mental health and to help everyone support the men in their lives.

MensLine Australia is a professional telephone and online support and info service for Australian men.

Open Arms offers mental health and wellbeing support for current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel and their families.

Support for Partners

Carers Australia is the national organisation for all carers.  Their website has a Carer Gateway that links to a new nationwide network of service providers delivering a range of support services to unpaid carers.

Facebook groups

Please be aware that Facebook has had privacy issues in the past.  Also be careful with any medical advice that you find on Facebook.

Intimacy & Sex

A Touchy Subject is run by Victoria Cullen, Sexual Function Specialist.  Victoria’s website is the best site to help you regain sexual function and renew your sex life after prostate cancer treatment.

ConnectAble Therapies is a website run by Tess Deveze, an Occupational Therapist and Sexuality Consultant.  This site focuses on sexuality, intimacy, arousal, communication and partner dynamics.

Passionfruit Sexuality Shop is a great source of products to enhance sensuality in a way that includes emotion, intellect, humour and love.  Their mission is to reinvent the sex shop and enrich our sexual culture with fun, love and passion.

Relationships Australia has provided a range of relationship services in Australia for over 70 years.  They aim to support all people in Australia to live with positive and respectful relationships and believe that people have the capacity to change how they relate to others and develop better health and wellbeing.

Books for Better Relationships

Dr Rosie King – Where did my libido go?
Written for women, but would be a great way for men to understand their partners.  Full of excellent advice that will help couples to rebuild the intimacy in their relationship.

Jane Lewis – Me & my menopausal vagina
Menopause can cause some women to dread sex and can affect their lives more profoundly than I ever thought possible.  Excellent book which can help women to tame the pain in their vaginas.

Noel Giblett – Marriage is for Grown-Ups
Alan thinks highly of this book, written by a relationship counsellor who works in Western Australia.

Dr Robin L. Smith – Lies at the Altar: The Truth about Great Marriages
This is an American book with plenty of helpful exercises for couples to use (we have used them and they are effective).

Books About Prostate Cancer

Adjunct Associate Professor Craig Allingham – Prostate Recovery Map: Men’s action plan (3rd edition)
Craig is a men’s health physiotherapist, so he definitely knows how to help men regain continence, sexual function and strength.

Associate Professor Prem Rashid – Prostate Cancer: Your guide to the disease, treatment options and outcomes (4th edition)
This is a very useful book.  It is extremely informative and covers so much.  Easily readable and full of photographs, diagrams and helpful advice.

Reiki Info

Reiki Australia is the leading Australian professional membership association for Reiki practitioners.  Reiki Australia aims to maintain an authentic influence in promoting wellbeing through Reiki as a spiritual practice and healing art.  It runs courses and accreditations, as well as hosting a “Find a Reiki Practitioner near you” search portal.

Reiki Evolution is run by Taggart King, a UK-based Reiki teacher and writer.

Reiki in Medicine is a website run by Pamela Miles, a well-known and respected Reiki teacher and advocate.  Pamela is based in New York.  Since the ’90s, Pamela has pioneered Reiki practice at academic medical centres including Harvard, Yale, the NIH, and NY Presbyterian/Columbia.

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