Penile implants

Getting erections back

Prostate cancer treatments often lead to men losing their erections.  Whilst there are ways to help regain those erections, it can be really difficult.  As a result, many men struggle and often give up along the way.

For Colin, a member of our local Support Group, giving up on his erections was not going to happen.

In the following three-part video playlist, Colin talks candidly about his choice to get a penile implant.  He also gives us a demonstration of how they work.

Let's talk about penile implants

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This three-part video series was created by Steve King of Kingwest Films, a very generous and super-talented member of our Prostate Cancer Support Group.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these videos and found their content uplifting.  Please let us know what you think.

7 thoughts on “Penile implants”

  1. So enlightening! Thank you Colin, Alan and Fiona, you answer a lot of ‘real talk’ questions that I’m sure every man/couple have on their minds about this procedure.

  2. Victoria
    What can I say. This video was spot on with my journey through prostrate cancer treatment and implant surgery. I thought watching this it was me. Thank you so much for posting this it was awesome. I too am 9 months post surgery and I couldn’t be happier. You are the best.

    • Hi Jon, it was wonderful that Victoria sent out the link to our video. She definitely is the best. Regards, Fiona and Alan.

  3. That was awesome that you would make this informational video.
    Thank you
    Colin how old were you when you had the procedure done ?

  4. My husband had his prostate removed & had an implant 17 yrs ago & it’s still working, he is 74 now , as his wife I would highly recommend any man having this surgery .


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