New health centre opening

After one of the longest sabbaticals in living memory, I’m returning to practice and joining Marta and the team at Shine Health Wellbeing Centre in Black Rock.

Shine is a multi-disciplinary health centre and you can visit their Facebook page for more information.  Even better, if you are in the area next Saturday (12th December 2015), you can visit the new premises and meet us, sample some mini treatments and say hello.

Shine Health Wellbeing Centre - open day



It’s Movember

In case you hadn’t noticed, there may be more than the usual number of blokes walking around with moustaches in various stages of growth.

Yes, it’s Movember and Mo Bros and Mo Sisters are raising money towards research for men’s health – in particular, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression.

I thought you might like to see how my Mo is coming along – rather salt-and-peppery at Day 16.  Compare the lush growth from my time in Vietnam with the Air Force – a thick, black caterpillar.

Alan - 16 Nov 2015Alan - Large portrait in uniform 1970For those of you who may wish to contribute a donation towards Movember’s research activities, you can click here to donate via my page (or, of course, you may choose to donate to any of your friends who may be sporting some growth).

Men’s health is everybody’s business.

Hello from Alan

Hello, at last.

This post has been incubating longer than a pregnant elephant, but we’re now up and running.  This blog and the website would not have happened without a lot of work from my darling wife, Fiona.  Without her, you’d still be waiting.

Getting started was somewhat slow, but here it is for the worldwide web to read and digest. Blogs will focus on quality rather than quantity. Feedback is welcome but, if you haven’t anything nice or constructive to say, than please refrain.

There will be updates on men’s health events happening whenever and wherever, as well as a heads up on any talks I might be delivering.

I do not pretend to know or have all the answers, but I will be putting up information that I feel is relevant to men’s health and wellbeing.

There will be links to other sites about men’s health that I come across. I will draw on my background as a nutritionist and counsellor, with information gleaned from my research and from various relevant organisations.

For more specific information relating to Prostate, Nutrition, Reiki or my book, ”We’ve lost our prostate mate”, click on the above Menu items, and of course the Links heading will offer you further sites to check out.

I look forward to connecting with readers, hearing your thoughts and suggestions.  Take care of yourself, because nobody else will.

Stay well, strong and healthy.

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