New Male Health Conference

Last week, I attended the National Male Health Conference in Parramatta, NSW. I also gave a short presentation on the subject of prostate cancer, called “Wounding of the Soul“.

The focus of the Conference was the need to seek opportunities to promote male health not only through the health services, but through the workplace, the school and all other areas which can be seen as vital to the social determinants of male health.

Greg Millan and Alan White holding their books
Greg Millan, Director Men’s Health Services NSW, with Alan White, promoting their books at the National Male Health Conference in Parramatta, NSW.

The Conference, which was organised by Greg Millan of Men’s Health Services, provided a great arena for all participants to learn and network.

I had the pleasure of meeting Professor John Macdonald, Director of the Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre at the University of Western Sydney.  Professor Macdonald is a strong advocate for men’s health across all age groups and cultures.

The Conference kicked off with a Welcome to Country by Stuart McMinn, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Liaison Worker with Interrelate.

It would have been great to attend every presentation, but I had to choose.  As well as the individual sessions, I was able to sit in on panel discussions on topics such as stopping male suicide, improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island men’s health and wellbeing, and the future of men’s health.

The trip to Parramatta to attend the Conference was well worthwhile.  I came back to Melbourne feeling re-energised and motivated to find new avenues to promote men’s health.

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