Prostate Health

Australian Prostate Centre (APC) has a dedicated men’s health centre and deals with all prostate related issues.

Foundation 49 Men’s Health is an organisation dedicated to raising men’s health awareness and encouraging regular health checks.  An excellent source of information for men of all ages.

Healthy Male  (formerly called Andrology Australia) is an excellent organisation dealing with all men’s reproductive health, including the prostate.

Navigate is an online decision aid designed by men for men diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer who are considering their treatment options.  It is at clinical trial stage until June 2020 and is actively recruiting participants.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia (PCFA) is the main organisation for information about prostate cancer and support groups.

Help with Incontinence

Continence Foundation of Australia is the go-to site for anyone with bladder or bowel control problems.  They offer so much support and have an excellent free magazine, Bridge.

Search directory for continence service providers across Australia.  This is provided by Continence Foundation and is an easy-to-use tool to find your nearest continence physiotherapist or other service provider.

Support Services for Men

MensLine Australia is a professional telephone and online support and information service for Australian men.

Australian Men’s Shed Association is one of Australia’s largest male-based community development organisations.  You can use their site to find a Men’s Shed near you, or get info on how you can set one up in your area.

Help with Sexuality and Intimacy

Victoria Cullen, Sexual Function Specialist, helps people recover confidence and rehabilitate after their sexual health shifts.  Victoria also runs webinars covering “touchy subjects” like Erections & ED, Erection Rehab, and Exercise & ED.

Passionfruit the Sensuality Shop is a fabulous source of products to enhance sensuality in a way that includes emotion, intellect, humour and love.

Books to Help with Relationships

Dr Rosie King – Where did my libido go?  
Written for women, but would be a great way for men to understand their partners.  Full of great advice that will help couples to rebuild the intimacy in their relationship.

Jane Lewis – Me & my menopausal vagina 
Menopause can cause some women to dread sex – and can affect their lives more profoundly than I ever thought possible.  Excellent book which can help women to tame the pain in their vaginas.


Pamela Miles is a well-known and respected Reiki teacher and advocate.  Pamela is based in New York.

Reiki Australia is the leading Australian professional association for Reiki practitioners.

Taggart King is a UK-based Reiki teacher and writer.

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