About Alan & Fiona

The Prostate Zone is a men’s health website with a particular focus on prostate cancer.

Photograph of Alan White

Alan White

I have been involved with men’s health for many years and this website is one way for me to reach out to men about their health.

With a background in counselling and natural therapies, I’ve also been practising and teaching Reiki for many years.

I’m currently involved with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, particularly as the Project Advocate for an online Decision Aid for men with low-risk prostate cancer (NAVIGATE).

I am the Group Leader of the Bayside-Kingston Prostate Cancer Support Group.  In the past, I have been an Ambassador for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

In the past, I served with Air Force and did a tour of Vietnam (1969-1970).  I still get a huge buzz out of aircraft.

My other volunteer work has included:

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Men’s Health Peer Educator
  • Air Force Association Welfare Officer

If you know me, you would be aware of my love for Hawaiian shirts.  I definitely don’t do beige!

Finally, when I was recovering from my prostate cancer surgery, I wrote a book about the whole experience.

Photograph of Fiona White

Fiona White

I have also been keenly interested in health and wellbeing for many years.  Since marrying Alan in 2008, his prostate cancer diagnosis took us both on an unexpected journey together.

When Alan wrote his book, I edited it for him and helped get it ready for publication.  A close friend drew the cartoons, and two more friends took the cover photo and designed the cover layout.  It was a fabulous team effort and we’re very proud of the end result.

Like Alan, I am a volunteer with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.  We have both participated in the development of the NAVIGATE Decision Aid and we are both actively promoting the clinical trial phase to men and their partners across Australia.

Apart from Alan, my other passions include:

I created this website in 2015 and spend way too much time tweaking it!  I’m also the person who co-authors many of the blog posts.  I really enjoy writing and improving my skills.

Like Alan, I don’t do beige.  We add as much colour to our lives as possible.

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