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Tackling Issues After Treatment

Treatments for prostate cancer all carry the risk of side-effects. Living life well after treatment for prostate cancer involves tackling every those issues on every level – physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual. Men & their partners need to know what they might expect & how to enhance their likelihood of full recovery.

Incontinence suggested by dripping tap watched by cat

Incontinent after 12 months?

If men are incontinent after 12 months following treatment for prostate cancer, there are options available to help them recover.

Professor Declan Murphy and Dr Renu Eapen ready to record podcast at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Topic is the post-prostatectomy journey and what we wish we knew back then.

Getting a prostate cancer diagnosis

We joined Professor Declan Murphy and Dr Renu Eapen for their latest podcast. Along with urology nurse, Emma Birch, we all discussed things we wish we’d known before our post-prostatectomy journey. Tips and resources were also shared during the chat.

Dealing with incontinence

Some men experience ongoing problems with incontinence after prostate surgery – even years later. This article discusses the problem and offers some solutions.