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Diagnosis & Decision Making

Helping men & their partners to understand a diagnosis of prostate cancer.  Dealing with that diagnosis & making a decision about the best treatment option for their particular circumstances. Coping with the emotional impact of facing prostate cancer & having to make tough decisions.

Professor Declan Murphy and Dr Renu Eapen ready to record podcast at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Topic is the post-prostatectomy journey and what we wish we knew back then.

Getting a prostate cancer diagnosis

We joined Professor Declan Murphy and Dr Renu Eapen for their latest podcast. Along with urology nurse, Emma Birch, we all discussed things we wish we’d known before our post-prostatectomy journey. Tips and resources were also shared during the chat.

Nerve sparing during prostate surgery

Nerve sparing during prostate surgery is difficult. Penile rehab after a prostatectomy is important. Professor Declan Murphy and Victoria Cullen have recently discussed this topic in a series of videos – links included in this post.

Spreading the NAVIGATE word

We spread the word about the NAVIGATE prostate cancer trial at Government House this afternoon.