Making love & sleeping naked

Making love can be a struggle after prostate cancer. One of the easiest ways to maintain physical intimacy is sleeping naked together. Skin-on-skin touch releases oxytocin, which helps reduce anxiety and stress. Oxytocin also helps with couple bonding.

Self-care during COVID

Self-care has taken a battering during COVID lockdown. How you care for yourself is important because it can impact on your mood and on your relationships. Here are some steps that men can take to look after themselves.

Men’s Health TV

I joined a great team of blokes on Tuesday for the launch of a new online platform for men called Men’s Health TV. The Blokes Healthy Lunch Box show is one of many now available on Facebook.

Dealing with incontinence

Some men experience ongoing problems with incontinence after prostate surgery – even years later. This article discusses the problem and offers some solutions.