Men facing prostate cancer are often confused and distressed.  So are their partners.  The Prostate Zone is a website that aims to inform and support them.

The Prostate Zone is written by a couple – Alan White and Fiona White – who have experienced the challenges posed by prostate cancer.

Who are we?

Alan White

I have been involved with men’s health for many years & I am the group leader of the Bayside-Kingston Prostate Cancer Support Group in Victoria.

In the past, I have been an Ambassador for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).

With a background in counselling and natural therapies, I’ve also been practising & teaching Reiki for many years.

In earlier years, I served with the Australian Air Force & did a tour of Vietnam (1969-1970).  I still get a huge buzz out of aircraft.

If you know me, you would be well aware of my love for Hawaiian shirts.  I definitely don’t do beige!

I am also involved as a volunteer Men’s Health Peer Educator with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs & I am a volunteer Welfare Officer with the Air Force Association.

Finally, when I was recovering from my prostate cancer surgery, I wrote a book about the whole experience.

Fiona White

Like Alan, health & wellness have been key interests of mine for many years.  I studied complementary medicine in the 1990s & practise Reiki with Alan.

Alan’s prostate cancer diagnosis took us on an unexpected journey together – a journey that is still unfolding. In 2013 & 2014, I had a cancer experience of my own. I was diagnosed with a gastric MALT lymphoma & had radiation therapy.

When Alan wrote his book, I was his editor & helped prepare it for publication.  We are lucky to have several talented friends who drew the cartoons, took the cover shots & designed the cover layout.

Aside from Alan, my other passions include beading, genealogy, gardening & gorgeous Australian magpies.

I created this website in 2015 & spend way too much time tweaking it!  With Alan, I am working to make The Prostate Zone a place where men & their partners can find accurate, relevant & practical information to help them.