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Men facing prostate cancer are often confused and distressed. So are their partners. This website – The Prostate Zone – aims to inform and support them.

The Prostate Zone is written by us – Alan White & Fiona White. We have experienced many of the challenges posed by prostate cancer.

What will you find here?

The Book

We’ve lost my prostate, mate! … And life goes on

Image of book cover - We've lost my prostate, mate! ... And life goes on

Alan faced a prostate cancer diagnosis twice! Eventually, he chose surgery to remove his prostate. Along the way, he wrote his book to help other men.

For more information, check out the Prostate Book page. If you want to buy the book, there are purchase links and price details.


Our articles are written about things that really matter when you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer. We focus on relevant, accurate, up-to-date and practical info. And we really love to get your feedback.

Links to helpful resources

We have a Resources page with links to the most useful websites and books for men with prostate cancer (and their partners). Checking out these resources can really save you time and effort.

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