Our Mission

Men facing prostate cancer are often confused and distressed, and so are their partners.  The Prostate Zone aims to inform and support those men and women.

The Prostate Zone is written by a couple – Alan White and Fiona White – who have experienced prostate cancer.

Photo of Alan White and Fiona White

Many websites offer information about prostate cancer.  The Prostate Zone aims to help men and their partners find the best information available –

  • Accurate
  • Up-to-date
  • Relevant
  • Unbiased

Alan faced prostate cancer twice, eventually choosing surgery to remove his prostate gland.  He wrote a book about his experience and has led the Bayside-Kingston Prostate Cancer Support Group for many years.

Alan and Fiona aim to support others who are going through the confusion, fear and uncertainty that prostate cancer tends to create.

This website will cover issues such as –

  • Understanding and coming to grips with your diagnosis
  • Getting your head around the treatment options available to you
  • Dealing with what happens after treatment, including incontinence and erectile dysfunction





And then there's the book

3D image of book - We've lost my prostate, mate! ... And life goes on

We’ve lost my prostate, mate! is Alan’s story about the diagnosis, the decision making, the surgery and the road to recovery. He shares the good, the bad and the ugly along the way, providing helpful tips for fellow prostate cancer sufferers.

Armed with his irrepressible laughter and a very determined wife, Alan shows that there is life after losing your prostate, mate.

Click here to find out more about the book or to order your copy.

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